What do people say about LiveIn?

My girlfriend suggested that we both download LiveIn widget app to be able to send each other a new picture/message each day that the other would see in the widget anytime. we use our phones.


I’ve really been loving the locket widget feature of LiveIn. It allows my boyfriend and I to send cute widget photos to each other. Sounds like every social media app, but I love that I can open my phone and see a random picture from him without having to open a notification. It’s a cute surprise that makes me smile.

Dip dyed diy's

I think LiveIn/LivePic is great for you and your significant other or even a group of friends to use. Basically you can “post” a photo, then your friend(s)/special someone can see that photo on the widget on their Home Screen. My girlfriend and I send each other photos all the time and it’s so cute!

Anderson the awesome

LivePic is incredibly fun. I just downloaded it a few days ago and Im already obsessed. First of all, you can send cute widget photos to your friends, draw things, and make duets with your friends. Yes, that's fun. You can make it into a widget so whenever your friend sends you something, it appears on your home screen.


I prefer LiveIn Widget to Locket Widget and Snap Widget, because it not only allows me to interact with my best friends, but also allows me to easily share pictures in the world community and see what other people are doing.


I strongly recommend LiveIn widget app, it is a super fun way to message your friends, or even just joke around! I love this app and I would definitely get it if I were you! :)


I fell in love with LivePic the first time I used it and invited a lot of friends to use it together. It helped me deliver pocket love, and at the same time it was a note widget, and it was also a message widget. We enjoy this moments widget.


I am very satisfied with the LiveIn locket widget of picture sharing. Currently I share the little things that happen to me every day with my lover. This is a love widget and also a couples widget app. We can spread happiness by sharing cute widget photos.


LiveIn locket Widget FAQ

What is LiveIn/LivePic?

LiveIn aka LivePic. LiveIn is a desktop message widget. By using LivePic you can communicate with your friends. It is the best shared photo widget!

What are LiveIn/LivePic Features?

Live friends widget: You can share happiness with your friends anytime and anywhere through LiveIn. Love & couples widget: Couples can send more love using LiveIn. Picture widget: Share cute widget photos to your friends or lover. Note widget: LivePic can not only pass pictures, but also can be used as a memo to notify each other. Message widget: As a social app, you can also communicate with your friends with LiveIn. Moments widget: Share the feeling that belongs to this moment.

How LiveIn works ?

LiveIn allows you to send your pictures straight to your friends’ Home Screen! Add LiveIn to your Home Screen as a widget. When you send a photo to your friends, the photo will automatically pop up on the Home Screen!

How to add LiveIn widget?

1. Hold down the blank area on the desktop 2. Click "Widgets" from the popup menu 3. Click and hold LiveIn Widget to move to the desktop

How to add friends on LiveIn?

You can add your friend's LiveIn account by searching for their mobile number, username or directly sharing the link with your friends

How to duet with friends?

Click the duet button on the camera page, take a photo and send the link to your friends, and your friends can click the link to complete the co-shot

How to light a small flame with friends?

Invite your friends to Join LiveIn. Send photos to each other within 24 hours and a small flame will appear.

How to download LiveIn widget APK?

There are three ways to download LiveIn widget. If you are iPhone user, you can download it from the app store; if you are an Android user, you can choose to download it in Google Play, or directly download the LiveIn widget APK on the LiveIn official website for installation.